He Wasn’t A Playboy, He Proved Her Wrong, And Now, Forever Beckons!

Raine who met ebow through her bestfriend who match made them together thought of him as the presumptuous play boy, therefore made him work hard for her love. However, upon knowing him, she found out that he was the sweetest thing after chocolate dipped in honey.
The bride to be Raine shared her story when she said that: “we met through the most unusual circumstances through my best friend who thought we would be perfect for each other. Beyond the long conversations and our obvious chemistry, there was something peculiar about Ebow that made him feel like my first love.
Not only was he incredibly funny, charming and good-looking, he had a mind of his own which to me is incredibly sexy and melted away my reluctance to date him since I had heard he was a playboy. lol. Almost two years after we first met, he took me back to where we had our first official date to ask me to be his wife.
Our relationship and engagement have been a testament of God’s perfect plan and timing and there is nothing we cannot achieve together with God at the center.
Photo Credit: Iconic Studios