Lawyer/Engineer Kinda Love- #Jimgold2k18’s Love Story Is The Cutest Story Today

Jim and Covenant-Gold met on Facebook and now is walking to forever together! They found love coincidentally, as Jim initially had eyes on Gold’s sister, however, because he could not get through to her sister, his steps were directed towards Gold, who he later found to be his missing rib. Groom-to-be Jim, shared their love story with us when he said:

“I had sent several messages to this girl on my facebook page, and no response den as God may have it I sent a message to her sister who is also on my facebook immediately I got a response I requested for her number.”

Talking to this girl was a dream come true, I had always wanted to speak with her and take her to my mama. We agreed on a date to meet for the first time. It was the happiest day of my life. 
Together we agreed we would spend the rest of our lives together.

Gold also shared that: “We got talking, never knew I was talking to my husband… I then discovered how charming, caring, loving, understanding, protecting this guy became over the phone.”

Photo Credit: Zeal’s photography