Read All About Jumoke And Lanre’s Adorable Love Story Here

Shots shooting may be hard, he/she might prove stubborn for a while, but in the end, it’s a worthwhile process. Lanre had his heart set on Jumoke from the very first day he laid his eyes on her, he wouldn’t be deterred, her constant snickering wouldn’t keep him away, in the end, the dashing handsomeness won! Read their love story below as shared by groom-to-be, Lanre.

Years ago, I  met the love of my life. I was in my final year, she was in her first year. I was the FMS Tutor, she was the student. On this fateful day,  I walked into the tutoring hall that was filled with many students and spotted this very pretty, petite and calm student.

I couldn’t take my eyes off, I had to step up to her to make my intention known. It was a tough one, but after all the ‘toasting’ for months, she gave in to my pleas, and it has been a wonderful journey so far. In a few days, she will be my wife as we say our vows on the altar.

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