Stunning! These Temidayo Abudu’s Pre-wedding Photos Are The Perfect Definition Of Mind-blowing

Daughter of Media Mogul, Temidayo Abudu is having her traditional wedding today and her never before pre-wedding photos of the gorgeous beauty has been released by their renowned photographer, Ty Bello. On the experience, TY Bello wrote that: “Temidayo and Adebola it was a joy to capture the essence of what you both share .. what stayed with me after your shoot was the beautiful way you looked at each other .. that Indescribable ‘thing ‘that resides inside the love you have … it’s precious .. precious .. precious

“Yesterday as I prayed for the personal direction I heard ..LOVE! .. love is the next big thing .. the best big thing .. the ONLY big thing. it’s refreshing to read 1st Cor 13 in the passion translation.. ‘ LOVE NEVER STOPS LOVING !!…when love’s perfection arrives, the partial will fade away. You really are blessed @redabudu and @addie.mak .. may this beautiful love infinitely be the Flavour and fragrance of your lives ..forever and ever and ever. #tybellophotography #makeup by @bimpeonakoya #teddiemak”

Photo Credit: TY Bello