Tolu And Ayorinde First Met At His Sister’s Wedding, Guess Whose Wedding Is Next?

Many times you don’t plan when and how you meet the love of your life, you just meet him or her simply because it’s the time to. Tolu and Ayorinde met at his sister’s wedding where Tolu went to enjoy the beauty of a Nigerian wedding, well her own beauty caught Ayorinde’s eyes and now, he’s put a ring on it. Check out their full love story below…

My friend (), we attended the University of Lagos together invited me to her sister’s wedding at Idiroko, Ogun state in 2014. I attended alongside a couple of our mutual friends, the turn up was lit that year. I met Ayo for the first time at the wedding, he happened to be the bride’s brother and I finally put a face to the name I had heard a couple of times because my friend, his sister always told us back about her large beautiful family, a course she termed “ 101” and how she would say one of her friends will end up being a .

Now in 2015, another of Medese’s sisters was getting married and we the association of friends travelled to Idiroko to grace the wedding with our presence. YES, exactly what you’re thinking; I met Ayo the second time. After the wedding, we all dispersed on Sunday morning back to our houses. On that same Sunday, I got a ‘thanks for coming’ call from Ayo. As God will have it, we kept the communication active for almost a year and emotions started to turniownion.

In the beginning, I had my guards and walls up, but along the line, my guards began to let itself down (it wasn’t my doing, I think they call it ). We became fond of each other, we always spent time talking to each other, we were fast approaching the best friends stage. I was caught in between “wanting more” and “not letting him outta the best friend zone”. In a bit to still guard my heart in the midst of all these emotions, I realized it was beyond me. Every guard was laid to rest and every wall was shattered (after all the hard girl, hard girl). We started our beautiful relationship and everything was just swift like that.

On September 6, 2018, which was my birthday, Ayo and I went on a dinner to celebrate another year of God’s grace. Surprisingly, he had me celebrating my birthday in the presence of my friends, siblings, family, and well-wishers. At this point, I was overwhelmed by the love they came to show me. I thought that was all until Ayo popped the question, he asked that I spend forever with him. I can tell you know my response already…YES!

Ayorinde, life with you has been the most beautiful and worthwhile bumpiest ride and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle with you. Your girl is definitely a smart one cause clearly I bagged a distinction in MAUTIN 101.

Photo Credit: Jobi