When Goof Meets Goofy! This Couple’s Hilarious Pre-wedding Photos Is A Whole Mood

This couple gave us the hilarious version of the pre-wedding shoot and we adore all of their photos. Their chemistry seeped through every one of them and it’s difficult to not see how much they love each other. Adedamola and Adewole were not just the sweet couple, they were a fuzzy bag of laughter who wasn’t afraid to enjoy each other’s company whenever they got the chance to. Their love story is as fun as they are, read all about how they met as shared by the bride, Adedamola below… “This random guy walks up to me and asks to sit by my side at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth and all I could think about was how someone could have this kinda hairstyle for goodness sake.  We had a conversation and I thought, ‘this guy is actually sensible’, but there was no attraction because of the dreadlocks. Fast forward to 2 months later, we bumped into each other, randomly again, this time he looked a lot different. The dreadlocks were gone and I thought he actually looked cute. We became friends and then the sparks started flying but yours truly was fighting love. In all honesty, I wasn’t looking at that moment so I ignored all the obvious signs, but he persisted and won my heart with his love and care and godliness.Photo Credit: @awgzzz