Zephani And David Have Us Swooning As They Give Santorini Pre Wedding Picture Goals

Santorini plus your extremely cute girlfriend, plus a camera equals the perfect opportunity for the sweetest pre-wedding photos ever! Armed with this knowledge, David and Zephani served us really cute engagement goals that have got us swooning really hard. Bride-to-be Zephani shared how they met and how her dashing fiance David popped the question. One day, I went to a user test meeting for a tech startup. I met a cute guy and we then had a chat. A couple of days later, I got an email from the said cute guy and a few years later, at the top of a Ferris wheel, said cute guy asked me to marry him. I giggled a lot but there was a solid “YES” in there too, because the cute guy is now my goof off partner, travel buddy, TV binging enabler, adviser, one of my biggest supporters, the perfect amount of extrovert to match my level of introvert. Cute guy is my Person! Photo Credit: Zephani