Wedding Party Turned Surprise Proposal: Enjoy Rukevwe And Ekene’s Love Story + Beautiful Proposal Photos!

Rukevwe and Ekene were coursemates in school. After they graduated from school, they went their separate ways, but love found them and brought them together.

The lovebirds reconnected and started dating. Unknown to Rukevwe, Ekene had been planning a surprise proposal with her friends. The surprise is written all over her face as she wasn’t expecting it.

With love in her heart, Rukevwe said ‘YES’ to the love of her life.

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Enjoy their love story and beautiful proposal photos below:

Rukevwe shares their love story:

We were coursemates in school. Same department, same year. We used to call each other “brother and sister” because we were from the same state.

Fast forward to some years after school, I started my YouTube channel and he dropped a disclaimer that henceforth he’s no longer my brother. Anyway, we started talking a while after that and started dating.

We were able to relocate to the same country and that’s how we got here!

How Ekene popped the question:

Over a month ago, a friend extended an invitation to attend a wedding with another friend of mine. Since then, we’ve been planning and coordinating our outfits, nails, hair, and makeup preparations for the event.

I met up with the same friends on the day of the wedding so we could leave together. As we walked to the “wedding” venue, I saw a proposal decor from afar and said to my friends “Awww, they’re proposing to somebody”

They kept on smiling at me, pointed their cameras at me and started leading me towards the decor.

It was at that moment I realized, it was me! “I am the blideeee” (or bride-to-be) My fiancé had been planning with my friends for over a month and I was so unaware. You could see the surprise on my face in some of the photos.

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