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    Inside Sheila And Chimzy’s Beautiful Love Story + Proposal

    Sheila and Chimzy’s first met at a grocery supermarket and their love has gone beyond just friendship.

    Sheila and Chimzy crossed paths while shopping in a supermarket one fateful day. Some months later, they coincidentally boarded the same flight going to Addis Ababa and at that point, Chimzy just knew that he had found his wife.

    He planned a romantic surprise proposal where he went down on one knee, asking the love of his life to marry him. With tearful eyes, Sheila said ‘yes’ to him.

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    Enjoy their love story and proposal photos below:

    How they met as shared by Chimzy:

    Our love story started with a casual ‘excuse me, please’ at the noodles aisle in Ebano supermarket. Sheila piqued my interest and we ended up following each other on Instagram but never spoke.

    Little did we know that a few months later, we would meet again on a flight from Lagos headed to Addis Ababa and sat beside each other.

    I was on my way to London for a conference, and Sheila was en route to Kenya for a holiday but we both had a 3-hour layover in Addis Ababa. During our flight, we got talking until we arrived in Addis Ababa.

    Whilst waiting for our next flight, we decided to grab a coffee and it was then I realised that Sheila was not just a fellow traveller, but someone I felt deeply connected with on a profound level.

    It didn’t end there, her laughter was also the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard.

    Just as we were both about to board our next flight, I found myself saying to Sheila ‘Even though our destinations are several miles apart, I can’t help but feel a strong connection with you. I don’t want this layover to be the end but the beginning of our journey and if you let me, the first of many trips’. Sheila of course thought I was joking but in her words ‘I came with energy!!!!’ And the rest they say is history.

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