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    10 Steps To Curate Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

    It’s my wedding day and I’m going to have a good day that’s all that brides want and great music is a step to achieve this. Wedding Playlist sets the mood for the big event and leaves you with all the feels and emotions that remind you of the power of love.

    10 Steps To Curate Your Perfect Wedding Playlist One of the most important aspects of a wedding function is the music. It ties all the emotions and people together to build the atmosphere of the event. Below are a few tips to help curate the perfect wedding playlist. 
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    1. Define your sound of music
      What type of music do you and your partner like, or would love to listen to. When you define your sound every other thing falls into place. We know R&B songs are made for weddings but you would include sounds that you both love in the list.
    2. Make a list with your partner
      You both have a list of songs that tickle your fancy or gets you to move. Include these tracks in your wedding playlist so everyone has a good time. For couples who have a curated playlist together, you should send it over to the DJ for your big day.
    3. Trends don’t matter
      I know it’s a wedding party and you want guests to have a good time but it is important for the songs to resonate with you and your partner. Your list doesn’t have to include only chart-topping music you should have timeless songs that will always have your heart.
    4. Arrange songs for each moment
      This is another way to create your perfect wedding playlist. Arrange songs for every moment like the moment you walk into the reception, songs for your bridal party dance-off, your first dance, etc. Getting songs for each of these moments makes your playlist easier to put together.
    5. Tell a story with your playlist
      There is always a song to describe your love story and journey. Pick those songs and put them together in a list for your moment so you enjoy every moment in the room.
    6. Serenade Your Guests
      Sprinkle in one or two songs your guest would appreciate for your wedding ceremony. They traveled far and wide for your wedding so remember to make you have a memorable day so make sure they have a good time by including songs that the crowd love and are rocking too. T
      here are certain songs people just want to hear. Play the hits!They accomplish the task of bringing out the dance floor and keeping it there.
    7. DJ or Band can help
      There’s nothing like a live band or DJ to connect with your guests at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to be specific and tell your DJ/Band what NOT to play. Remember, your entertainment vendor is there to help curate and deliver the music you and your guests will enjoy.
    8. Take Requests
      Ask your family members, siblings, and close friends to give you a few of their favorite hits in addition to your top jams. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of your hits only. Your family members can throw in a few tracks that tickle their fancy and if you have a family song everyone likes now is a good time to ask and include it.
    9. Oldies for the parents
      Your parents are a big part of your wedding so you should make them involved in the wedding. Get the parents grooving, and having a good time.
    10. Involve cultural classics into your wedding evening
      Add your cultural songs to your wedding paying homage to your culture and tradition. The older generation will also appreciate the playlist as they groove to native songs.

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