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    7 Steps To Plan The Perfect Baby Shoot For Your Newborn

    Nothing is more precious than a new baby. Each day your baby grows and changes, right in front of your eyes and before you even realise. New-born shoots will allow you and your family cherish and have those incredibly beautiful moments for years to come.

    Below are steps to plan the perfect baby shoot for your newborn.

    Location: Have a preferred place you want to shoot. Most newborn photographers travel to your home and this is the most comfortable thing than taking your brand new baby out. Photographers that shoot new-born love a room with natural light and big windows, because its a new-born natural light is best. Lights and flashes are sensitive to the baby eyes.

    Photographer: It’s important to pick a photographer that specialises in newborn photography and someone photography you actually like. Because a newborn baby isvery fragile, its necessary to have safety regulations in place. Whenever they are put in poses by the photographer is important that they aren’t uncomfortable or in destress.

    Temperature: Babies easily get cold. Important tips for your baby session to run smoothly is for your baby kept warm at all times. Setting the house at a right temperature or the location you will be at being warm will do the trick. This will allow the shoot to go successfully and allows your baby to be comfortable and happy.

    Feeding & Breaks: Newborns get very hungry and fast. You don’t want their photo sessionbeing interrupted by cries for milk. Feeding and burping your baby right before your newborn photo session allows it to run smoothly and successful and leaves everyone happy.

    Keeping extra wipes, diapers, blankets, and disposal bags nearby for quick cleanups in case they have accidents.

    Outfits: Having two or three baby outfits is more fun than sticking to just one out as it gets pretty boring. If the shoot is a hour long; then doing outfit changes is great. Having outfits available by laying them out is quick and saves you a lot of time.

    Props: You can have some sort of theme that’s really important to you. For example if you love Christmas and baby was born around then, the shoot can be Christmas themed or if you love Halloween and baby was born around then, the theme can be spooky and related to Halloween; you can use a pumpkin as a prop.

    Props can also include blankets, knitted hats with matching socks or stuffed animals.

    Family photos: Although this is a new-born shoot; it doesn’t mean the parents can’t jump in for a couple photos. If the baby has siblings or there’s any family pet this is also a good idea for them to jump in for a couple photos. Remind them to keep calm and quiet because noises can disturb the baby and the shoot.

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