The Bridesmaid: Handling The Budget For A Bridesmaid

We are super excited to see our girl walk down the aisle with the love of her life and we are ready to share in their joy and love for this special day. Being on the bridal train for your girl’s wedding is a huge honour as you mean so much to her and she would love to have you share in her joy. A bridesmaid’s role is very simple and clearly spelled out ensuring the bride is good and the event is a smooth one.

 The Budget For A BridesmaidFor many being on the bridal train also scares them because of the budget and spending. From the dress to the hair, makeup, shoes and other things needed for your slay because you have to look good. Sometimes the bridal train is also required to plan the bride’s bridal shower. All these cost an arm and a leg and many freaks out at the price. Today we kick off the bridesmaids series and share with you how to handle the budget as a bride or a bridesmaid ensuring that everyone’s finances and budgets are considered.
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  1. Inform your squad early 
    One way to save your bridal train a lot of stress is to inform them early months before your big day. Everyone can physically, mentally, and financially prepare for all the roles, duties, and responsibility that comes with being on the train. Send out a “Will you be on my bridal train” request whether it’s a call, a message or a card, and let them respond appropriately.

    2. Set the numbers
    How many people are going to be in your bridal train will help you set a budget and get better prepared. Numbers are key in planning and preparation so know how many people you would create your plan around.
    3. Create a group chat
    Have a group chat where you add all your girls so you can share information, details, roles with them. This chat will aid your planning and process as everyone can brainstorm, share ideas, and also give updates. You can share mood board, Pinterest inspiration on the group chat as well.

4. Start planning early
Early planning can go a long way when you’re trying to stay on a budget. Make a list of everything you will need and start shopping for them early so you are filled with lots of choices and also have time to walk through your options without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

5. Set a limit
There is a limit to everything and it is important to know your limit as a bridesmaid to ensure you do not go overboard or run into debt. Set a maximum-spending budget for the whole bridal party to follow. Bridesmaids on a strict spending limit don’t have to feel alone, left out or singled out.

6. Accept suggestions from everyone
Involving other bridesmaids in preparation allows everyone to suggest things, options, and other activities. This is why the group chat is very important as everyone freely drops their suggestions. No one is an Island we all need one another to make life better and easier for ourselves.

7. Consider cheap alternatives 
When you’re working with their budget, you may find the dress you want them to buy is on the high side then consider a more affordable plan B. Even though it’s technically not your first choice, everyone will be happier with a little money left over.

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