Tosin And Opeyemi Went From A Simple Follow To A Sweet DM On Instagram And Now, It’s #OTillinfinity!

Social media has made it easier for people to find true love. Thanks to technology in this generation! Tosin found his soulmate Opeyemi on Instagram, and now it is #OTillinfinity!

It all started from a simple follow on Instagram to a sweet DM. Tosin and Opeyemi built a friendship and soon enough, it blossomed into a sweet connection.

Enjoy the rest of their love story and pre-wedding photos.

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How their love journey began, as shared by Tosin:

So I followed an account on Instagram in December 2021. About 2 weeks later, the person I followed posted Ope’s photo on her story as it was Ope’s birthday. I followed Ope on Instagram that same day but she didn’t follow back. She was on vacation in Zanzibar for her birthday and I didn’t want to disrupt the amazing time she was having.

A few days later (New Year’s Day to be precise), I sent Ope a message wishing her a prosperous 2022. We chatted for a couple of days and I went AWOL for 3 months (that’s Ope’s version). But yeah, I had personal things to deal with before considering another talking stage. Hence, my disappearance. On 17 April 2022 (Easter Sunday), I responded to the Easter wish she had posted on her IG story and that was it.

I wasn’t in the best place at that point but I got some comfort chatting with Ope. She was willing to allow me to express myself and was quite responsive. I’m sure she wasn’t aware but she made me feel better. She didn’t give me her phone number until sometime in May (graduated from IG to WhatsApp 🤣) and while chatting, she mentioned that she was a lover of art.

I booked her a private painting session. That was probably my best option then considering how far apart we were to consider a physical date. In September 2022, we had our first physical meet in Dubai and it was an amazing experience. Well, the rest they say is history.

On a beautiful summer night in Paris (with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower), I asked Ope to marry me and it was one of the best nights of my life. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of a blessed covenantal union under God’s divine authority with the most amazing woman. ❤️

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