5 Creative Ways To Add Traditional Local Food To A Wedding Menu

Food is a must-have for any Nigerian wedding. Weddings are an all-day event in most Nigerian cultures, and as such, your guests need to have something good and delicious to eat to keep the party going.

When planning your dream Nigerian wedding, food is one of the items; you need to get the best caterer to do this work, one who will take his or her time to prepare to get it right with the taste, choices, and presentation.

Food can make or break your wedding because the food served at your wedding is one of the things your guests will remember most about your wedding.

In addition to the intercontinental dishes that will be served at your wedding, you can also include local dishes as most Nigerians prefer local dishes to continental dishes.

Here are creative ways to add local dishes to your wedding menu:

  1. Serve Food That Originates from Your Home

An easy way of incorporating local food into your wedding menu is by adding foods and drinks that originate from your local place. This way guests will be more excited to see that what they love from home is present at your wedding ceremony.

2. Local Ingredients Should be added to Traditional Dishes

Adding local food is sometimes just as easy as substituting an ingredient for a hyper local one. If there is a local spice shop which you like, you can ask your caterer to add such ingredients to your wedding menu.

3. Your Welcome Bag should have Local Favourites

Welcome bags should have your favourite local savoury and sweet treats as they will make a great addition.

4. Serve Local Desserts in Addition to a Wedding Cake

Serve local desserts in addition to the wedding cake. You can check with your venue to see if they can create a custom dessert bar. This will give you the option of serving a variety of your local favourites.

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5. Offer Late-Night Snacks

Offer late-night snacks to your guests. After long night of dancing, guests will appreciate this snack very much. By so doing, you do not let them go without a taste of local cuisine.

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