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    Uche And Anthony Are On The Path To Forever! All Thanks To A Mutual Friend Who Introduced Them

    Uche and Anthony are on the path to forever. All thanks to a mutual friend who introduced them to each other.

    Uche and Anthony first met when a mutual friend introduced them. Since then, they have become best friends.

    They went on their first romantic date and had long hours of thrilling conversations.

    During a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, Anthony asked his baby girl Uche to marry him and she said ‘Yes!’ As the duo happily count down to their big day, they share sweet moments together in their pre-wedding shoot.

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    Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding shoot below:

    Here is their love story as shared by Uche:

    We were introduced by a mutual friend and our first date was marked by captivating conversations that lasted for hours.

    Anthony and I are avid food lovers, so we went for a delightful dinner, celebrating our shared passion for fine cuisine as our first date.

    I reluctantly had to conclude our talk because I had a trip later that day. Despite the distance, we stayed connected, and a month later, I made the decision to visit him rest, as they say, the rest is history.

    How Anthony popped the question to Uche:

    Our Valentine’s Day plans had to be delayed because both of us were working on the 14th of February so we had made plans for February 25th, our next day off. It was a dinner date.

    During our meal, he surprised me with flowers and asked a waiter to record the moment as he knelt down for a heartfelt proposal. I was pleasantly surprised. The entire restaurant erupted in cheers and congratulations.

    For our pre-wedding shoot, we aimed to achieve a classic and timeless appearance against the backdrop of a romantic, old-world setting/background in Parkwood Estate, Canada.

    We shared an unforgettable evening, filled with laughter and joy. Afterwards, he took me out for dinner, remarking “This beauty cannot waste”.

    Our intimate wedding, with a guest list of only 54 people, offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate and reunite with our closest family and friends who will be coming from various parts of the world.

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