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    Vwede And Samuel’s Worlds Collided In A Corridor. Now, It’s A Sweet YES To Forever! Enjoy Their Love Story And Proposal Photos

    Vwede and Samuel met in the school’s corridor. They went from an argument to an unexpected connection.

    Vwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides Nigeria 2

    Their bond grew stronger and Samuel knew he wanted to spend a lifetime with Vwede.

    The two went on a romantic getaway in Cappadocia. The getaway turned out to be a surprise proposal.

    Enjoy the full story and their proposal photos below:

    Here is their love story as shared by Samuel:

     It’s been 9 years since Vwede and I met in school. Our worlds collided in a corridor when I bumped into her, sparking a heated argument that led to an unexpected connection.

    From that moment, what started as a chance encounter blossomed into a deep friendship. Our bond grew stronger being in the same university as we both figured life out one step at a time.

    We’ve weathered storms together, sailing through challenges life threw at us.

    I knew that I had a partner, a best friend, and a personal gist bank. Anytime I look into her eyes, I see the woman who caught my heart almost a decade ago.

    I vividly remember days when she would surprise me with hot yam and sauce when life had me down (take notes, this relationship was solidified on yam).

    Vwede would leave prayer verses in my notes, and she is one of the rare gems who never forgets to encourage me in everything I do. A kind of woman who would stay in the library because I had exams and prep with me for my job interviews. Her sacrifices have gone above and beyond.

    How Samuel proposed to his baby girl:

     I’m the only one who could force Vwede to wake up at 5 am during a holiday to go to a mountain in Cappadocia.

    I made her believe we were going for a hot air balloon tour and drove us to the top of the mountain, where I had decorations set up for the proposal. She joked that it was a perfect spot for a proposal, and I replied, “Honestly, it really would be.”

    I got out of the car, took her hand and my smile gave it all away. The shock on her face is a memory I will always carry in my heart. Watching the balloons take flight while the violinist played our favourite song was nothing short of a fantasy.

    I’ve always known deep down that Vwede is the one for me. Let the world know that my Vwede said Yes.

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    Vwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides NigeriaVwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides NigeriaVwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides Nigeria 1 1Vwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides NigeriaVwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides Nigeria 1Vwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides Nigeria 2Vwede and Samuels proposal KOKO Brides Nigeria 3

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