3 Different Types Of Wedding Cakes You Would Love To Try

Cake lovers, its time to show if you are worthy of retaining your title. Over the years, the art of cake making has evolved with different and various new ones emerging with each passing period

There are different types of wedding cakes that pass for different themes and purposes. They also come with varying costs and budgets. The most widely considered cake is the triple tiered white wedding cake made with fondant icing. People get bored easily, so if you are planning on getting married, you can check out these different cakes and know the exact one which will totally fit your budget and taste.
1. Classic round cake: This is the kind of cake you end up seeing in most weddings. It is simple and also be a little complex, depending on how simple or creative the cake designer can be.
2. Pillars: Pillars have been in existence from way back. There is no telling that this os one of the oldest set of cakes to be introduced at weddings. With its century long existence, it is very much in popular demand by couples on their special day.
3. Square cakes: With just a little deviation form the round cakes comes the square cakes. They can also be designed to be high to the roof, depending on preference and budget.