After Four Years Of Preparing And Taking Notes, Seyi Finally Swept Mariam Off Her Feey

Having the sweetest love proposal that will have your sweetheart gushing for years doesn’t come easy. You have to invest time, emotions, knowledge and lots of love into it and for Seyi, it was easy peasy, he had been studying his woman for four years! Unperturbed and very much in love, Seyi kickstarted the new year by asking her to walk down the journey of love with him and of course, Mariam said yes! The couple to be first met at Seyi’s sister’s wedding where they had been paired in the bridal party. Call it fate, call it cupid putting himself to good use, whatever you choose to address it as the lovebirds clicked instantly and love was birthed. Talk about the perfect yin and yang, Mariam’s charisma for living life out loud and Seyi’s reserved and composed mannerism made them the perfect match. Smart and swift Seyi contacted Funmi of Belpek events and had things all well planned out. The night of the proposal came with Mariam who had thought she was going for their regular Friday date night, but little did she know there was a huge surprise waiting for her at the private dining room of the restaurant which was in uptown Dallas, one of Mariam’s favourite cities in Dallas, Texas to have dinner. Mariam and Seyi walked in and she was surprised and overwhelmed to see her family and friends, the décor and the violist serenading her to Marry me by Bruno Mars. Seyi got on one knee, expressed his love for Mariam and asked Mariam to marry him. And of course, she said yes!