Inside Cassie And Ricky’s Love Story + 3-In-1 Elegant Wedding

Cassie and Ricky’s love journey!

Cassie and Ricky attended the same middle school more than ten years ago. Though they barely knew each other then, yet, love was determined to make them become lovers.

The duo reunited through an Instagram DM and have become inseparable ever since. They took their friendship to the next level as they celebrated their 3-in-1 wedding in grand style.

Cassie and Ricky had a solemn white wedding ceremony where they exchanged their vows in the presence of family and friends and they also represented their vibrant Igbo culture in their traditional outfits. They had a lit wedding reception filled with so much fun.

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Below is their love story and wedding photos:

How they met

As shared by Cassie:

First comes school, and then comes marriage. Let’s take it all the way back to 2002. My husband and I went to Middle School together but did not meet until a few years later when we were both in High School and became acquaintances.

Fast forward to 8 years later we reconnected through social media and found that we both had relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Over the past 9 years, we have been inseparable through it all and can’t wait for this next step in our lives.

How Ricky popped the big question:

Ricky and I were on vacation in Hawaii celebrating my birthday. Before leaving for vacation, Ricky says, “I want to plan something special for you on your birthday.” I of course asked a million questions about what it was and he stated “It’s something we have always wanted to do.” I was clueless as to what it was.

Fast forward to my birthday, and we arrive at the absolutely breathtaking Lanikai Beach. Set up and waiting for us is a surprise, beautifully decorated tent with pillows
and a picnic with wine and other goodies.

I was so surprised and overjoyed but still thought these lovely gestures were all for my birthday.

An hour goes by and we are enjoying each other’s company, then a photographer shows up and is like here is another surprise we are going to do a photo shoot.

Ricky takes solo photos first and then I take mine. While taking our photos together, the photographer asked us to say one thing we appreciate about each other.

Ricky said to me, “I appreciate your strength and willpower.” It was then I noticed the tears rolling down his eyes as he said, “Because without you I don’t think we would be here today.”

He then says “I love you” and gets down on one knee to propose. I was in the most blissful shock and I said “Of course!”

After the proposal, yet another surprise. Ricky brought me his phone and on it, my entire family was on a Zoom call witnessing the whole event and congratulating us.

How the wedding went:

Ours was a 3-in-1 wedding day which began with a Traditional Igbo wedding followed by our white wedding ceremony in beautiful Los Angeles and then a wedding reception surrounded by our family and friends.

Our wedding day was everything we had imagined. We worked with our dream vendors including Reem Photography and Adeola of Team Celebrations.

I truly felt like a bride and loved every outfit and aspect of our day. It was truly a magical day and I will cherish these memories forever.

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