Planning A Valentine’s Day Proposal? Check Out These Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

It’s the season of love and you want to seize the opportunity to propose to your significant other, but you do not know how to go about it? Worry not, for is here! LOL, okay, let’s not go all Superman on you, but we have curated supersweet proposal ideas for your valentines day proposal. Below are the three valentines day proposal ideas…

  • Remember the bride that got a happy birthday wish displayed on the movie screen from her boyfriend who then proposed to her the next day? That idea is totally perfect for a valentine’s day proposal. Liaise with the manager of the theatre and get an ad spot, after which you invite your girlfriend to see the romantic movie with you and then watch her blush to a ten as you go on your knees while “will you marry me Vivienne” with her favourite playing on the background is displayed on the screen
  • A valentine’s day chocolate box: To her, it might just be another ordinary valentine’s day chocolate she’s to feast on, but she would definitely be shocked when she opens it and is greeted with a beautiful ring right in the middle with guitarists or trumpeters coming out of nowhere to hum her favourite song.
  • Take advantage of the typical valentine’s day breakfast in bed: Rather than serving her with food, serve her a well covered fancy plate, which she would open only to discover you served her her ring. We bet the look on her face would be priceless, you can cap it up with a tease while going on your knees saying “look who just got served, please marry me!”Photo Credit: Getty