She Knew He Was Going To Propose, Yet, The Grandness And Simplicity Of It All Blew Her Away!

This couple’s proposal story is an entire dreamy gushy mood! The thoughtful groom blew her away with his simple yet grand proposal. Sit tight for the ride, because # Remmymartin19 proposal story will definitely have you grinning from ear to ear. Bride-to-be shared her story when she said: “I can’t wait to come back. Who knows we might have a destination wedding here (jk). This day was so beautiful, the LOML lured me out with the promise of watching a fire show on one of Phuket’s beautiful beaches. We promised to not lounge around at the resort on this trip, and that we must do an activity every day which we did funny enough. The fire show was indeed lovely, and Alexandra and her team were very welcoming. Alexandra posed as the show coordinator saying it came with a photo shoot and video package. P.S I love pictures, of course, I jumped at the idea of that. At the end of the show, the words “will you marry me? were spelled out with fire. How cool is that? I hate surprises as my fiance knows, but this was a damn good surprise. He did really good, the execution was perfect. I know the proposal was coming, but I was not expecting the grandness, but simplicity of it. I don’t think I would have done a better job if I were to plan this seeing as I love to plan too much. With that being said, I look forward to planning my dream wedding to my dream man given to me by God. #Thatringtho #RemmyMartin19 Photo Credit: _dulcee