Zainab And Toyyib Met At The Airport – They Are Now On Their Forever Journey

The beautiful thing about love is how it can find you anywhere. Love found Zainab and Toyyib at the airport and now, they are on a forever journey.

It all began when Zainab’s trip out of the country got delayed because of the Covid lockdown. When she eventually had a chance to travel, she crossed paths with Toyyib at the airport. They exchanged contacts and after Toyyib’s cheesy DM and the exciting conversations that followed, it’s been a perfect fairytale for these lovebirds.

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Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Zainab:

In April 2020, I was practically stuck in Nigeria after a 2 week holiday because of the Covid lockdown and flight ban. Thankfully a repatriation flight came to our rescue and on that faithful day, Toyyib happened to have driven his mum to work (who happened to work at the airport then and is an old friend of my mum).

We were meeting for the first time and after a casual chat, we exchanged numbers and kept it moving. I had also mentioned that I was a pharmacist. About a day after, I got a message from him asking “Can you please tell me the difference between Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine”. I thought that was smooth. Long story short, I did and ever since then, we can’t remember how life was before we met.

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