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    Ada Found Her Prince-Charming Stephen On The Streets Of Instagram. Enjoy Their Beautiful Civil Wedding Photos

    Ada and Stephen found love in the interesting Instagram application.

    Ada and Stephen were Instagram followers who just liked each other posts and nothing more. Then on a fateful day, Ada reached out to Stephen to help with a work campaign. That connection led to their fairytale and the rest is history.

    Enjoy the rest of their love story and their civil wedding photos below.

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    Their meet-cute story, as shared by Ada:

    It all started back in 2017 via the Instagram DM. We had been following each other and liking each other’s pictures but we never extended it to anything else. One faithful day, I had a work campaign and by a stroke of luck decided to reach out to him to find out if he would be interested and surprisingly he said ‘Yes, why not?!’ We scheduled a date to meet to discuss work but he rescheduled because he had to travel for his work and promised to make it up to me when he returned.

    He returned and true to his words, scheduled a date to discuss my work. It turned out to be the most beautiful and perfect first date. It felt so natural that no one could tell we were just meeting each other for the first time.

    We both agreed to be friends with no expectations then ended up falling in love 2 months after that date and we’ve been inseparable ever since…we’ve been through difficulties and challenges but we’ve managed to understand and communicate our feelings clearly.

    I knew without a doubt Stephen was the one for me. It was the easiest yes I’ve ever said. He’s been my rock and home since I met him and I cannot wait to spend forever with my Prince Charming. 💖

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