Adenike And Olatunbosun Met Through A Mutual Friend And It Was Love At 1st Sight. Enjoy Their Love Stories And Wedding Photos!

Olatunbosun knew he had found the love of his life the moment he set his eyes on his pretty lady Adenike.

Adenike played a little hard to get, despite that, Olatunbosun did not give up on her. He had made up his mind to win her heart and he surely did.

Now, it is a sweet love song for them as they tie the knot in a lovely Yoruba traditional wedding. The couple stepped out radiating so much love and beauty in their stunning Yoruba traditional outfits.

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The duo have shared their stories on how they met.

Enjoy their sweet love stories and wedding photos below:

Adenike’s Story:

I met Olatunbosun in North Cyprus. The way we met was so funny because we didn’t attend the same university nor stay around each other but what is meant to be will always be.

We had a mutual friend who invited me for a hangout which Olatunbosun hosted in his house and the guy refused to let me go after that, lol.

We were friends for a while, as I wanted to do the normal ‘shakara’.  I decided to accept to be his girlfriend after a while and the rest, as they say, is history.

Olatunbosun’s Story:

I met Adenike in Cyprus. We both came to Study but then we met and studied each other, Lol. We were at different schools but we ended up having mutual friends.

I hosted two of her friends in my apartment and they came with Adenike. Immediately I set my eyes on her, I couldn’t let go anymore, I did everything I could to make her mine and here we are.

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