Tancho Zinky’s Girls Had An Ankara Girls Night Out For Her Bridal Shower And It Was Lit

A girl’s night out is a great time for friendship, sisterhood, and companionship and Tancho Zinky’s girls couldn’t have thought of a better way to put together a bridal shower for her as she walks into a new phase of her life.

Her girls put together an Ankara-themed bridal shower and it was all shades of beautiful and lit. They chose a minimalist-themed shower with simplicity being done at its best. The girls chose a bar so they could have all the fun in the world together and the pictures are proof that they did. The girls had a fabulous time together and these gorgeous pictures are all the proof that we need. From the decor to the style and food, the goal was clear – something bright, beautiful, and fun.
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Photo Credit: stewdioone2019