#thehyst21: Hyelni Mshelia’s & Her Girls Had A Blast at Her Fabulous Surprise Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are an important part of the bridal journey as the bride spends as last moment as a single girl with the most incredible women in the world who have held her hands and walked with her. These girls represent sisterhood, friendship, and companionship and they usher her into a new season of her life.

Bridal showers are always a delight for us to see and we love a lot of things about it watching the girls laugh, smile and play games reminiscing on the good times, and sending best wishes to her on her new journey. Hyelni’s girls threw her a surprise bridal shower and it is everything we could imagine. Her girls went above and beyond for her and we can’t help but smile at the thoughtfulness, effort they put into the special occasion.
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The girls had a fabulous time together and these gorgeous pictures are all the proof that we need. From the decor to the style and food, the goal was clear – something bright, beautiful, and fun.

Photo Credit: asta_uba