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    Dera And John Formed A Connection On Love And Faith. These Two Have Now Been Joined Together In A Beautiful White Wedding

    Dera and John’s love story started from the DMs. Love and faith have guided them every step of the way, and now, these two are joined together as husband and wife.

    Enjoy Dera and John’s love story below:

    From the groom John:

    From our first DMs to our late-night conversations, our love story has weathered uncertainty and anticipation. I remember stepping into Arlington, Texas, and she, with her meticulous planning, crafted unforgettable adventures. In those moments, I knew she was the one.

    Our journey has been extraordinary. From meeting her family to embarking on our adventures, love and faith have guided us every step. It’s as if the universe brought us together with care. As we face our future, I’m grateful for the path that led us here. With God’s love as our compass, I’m confident in our journey ahead. My love for her deepens each day, like a river to the sea. Our surprise engagement was just the beginning. I promise to cherish her, be her rock, and celebrate our joys. She’s not just my wife – she’s my partner, my confidante, my forever. With her, I’m whole.

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