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    East Meets West! Frankie And Seyi Are Best Friends On A Lifetime Journey

    Frankie and Seyi are best friends from secondary school. They attended the same A level in the university. This friendship blossomed and they are now partners for life.

    Enjoy Frankie and Seyi’s love below:

    How they met, as shared by the groom:

    We met in secondary school and for the longest time, we weren’t friends. After secondary school, we ended up going to the same A-levels in the UK.

    Little did we know that this chance encounter would spark a connection so profound and beautiful, that it would transcend the boundaries of friendship and kindle the flames of a love story destined for eternity.

    Eventually, we went our separate ways with the university, living far away from each other. We started our YouTube channel to document our life journey.

    As time went on, our feelings for each other grew but we were too scared to explore this because of the beautiful friendship we had built.

    We decided to give it a try; 7 years and we are still so madly in love, and are each other’s best friends.

    Our love story is special on built on the foundation of friendship. Bringing our Yoruba and Igbo cultures and families together brings us so much joy.

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