From Their Friend’s Wedding To Theirs, Precious And Dorothy’s Love Story Is So Sweet

You have seen their traditional wedding feature and we trust that the beauty hits you right where it matters, but trust us, their sweet love story would do so much more. The couple was all smiles at their white wedding and we cannot but notice how adorable they are together. The groom-to-be Precious, shared their love story when he revealed that: “Our love story began at a mutual friend’s wedding. I was selected to play a game with three other single men and Dorothy had volunteered to be one of the female players in the game. The game demanded that the guys deliver the best chat up line to the women. As we took turns to complete our task, I was paired up with and had to come up with my very best chat up line.  I lost the game because my line wasn’t great.

But hey, talk about a plot twist! I lost the game but won myself the girl. This sparked a friendship that blossomed into our journey to “Foreverloveland”.  Six months later, we are married.

Photo Credit: Zoet Moments