Interracial Weddings Are Beautiful And For Karl It Came With A Chieftaincy Title

When the wind of love blows, using a compass for direction would probably be futile. It directs you to wherever and whenever and you don’t get to choose because Cupid has a unique mind of its own. The most beautiful thing about this is that you get to find immense joy, happiness and laughter in the end, its totally worth it! Same could be said of Ada and Karl’s beautiful wedding, a handsome Swedish man with a stunning Nigerian lady, beautiful! The couple’s traditional wedding was nothing short of amazing, Ada wowed all with her impeccable style as she donned a white and gold attire, complemented with an extremely stylish gele, talk about unconventional at its peak! Karl also looked the dapper groom in his traditional attire which he wore with grace, but why wouldn’t he? He became Chief Karl F. Skarsgard from the coupling and he had to match up. They were so beautiful as they had amazing fun on their big day. Isn’t love just beautiful? Check out some of their wedding photos below…  Photo Credit: Getty