Jennifer And Kevin Walk Down The Aisle…Thanks To Technology! Enjoy Their Love Story And Beautiful Wedding Photos

Jennifer and Kevin found love on a dating app. Thanks to technology!

Technology has connected so many people all over the world, just as it did to Jennifer and Kevin. Theirs was not just a connection, but it made them become best friends forever.

The duo are taking this beautiful path forever as they exchanged their marital vows in a lovely white wedding ceremony.

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Enjoy their love story and wedding photos:

How they met;

I met Kevin online back in the fall of 2021. He messaged me on the dating platform Hinge, sending a not-so-subtle message of his approval of one of my pictures. I responded with a very subtle hello, and a casual conversation began.

I soon learned that he was a published sci-fi fantasy author and that he was also Nigerian. As I am an aspiring author, I took an interest in his journey to becoming an author.

Three weeks of conversation on the phone and text led to our first in-person meet-up on October 23rd. Funny enough, our first date almost did not occur, as I was at a previous event where I could not locate my car in the parking garage!

Thankfully, we were able to meet and I will certainly say our first in-person date felt so natural. We both enjoyed each other’s company and conversation and finally, I felt like I met the right person that I could learn so much from and could vibe so well with. Needless to say, we met again 2 days later and the rest is us, making history.

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