Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Kamu With A Difference! Fateema And Shamsudeen’s Ceremony Is A Must See

    Fateema and Shamsudeen recently had their kamu ceremony as they celebrate their love and union traditionally. The couple did not just celebrate their love, they did it stylishly too! Fateema’s bronze aso-oke and Shamsudeen’s Navy blue Agbada was just too dapper. The groom shared how they met when he said: “I’ve known Fatima since 2015, I’ve been following her on social media platform for more than a year.

    She’s one girl I’ve admired for a very long time and always thought she’ll be hard to get, so, I just decided to keep my distance. I traveled to Kano with a friend for Sallah (Eid) and coincidentally went to Fatima’s house to drop a parcel. That was the first day I saw her and she was extremely friendly. On our way back home, I told my friend “This girl is going to be my wife in shaa Allah (by God’s grace)” that was how things started and now she is all mine.”

    Photo Credit: Bedge photography

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