2 Sweet Packages In 1 Day! Mary Started A New Job And Found Her Life Partner, Jared On the Same Day

Mary resumed a new job and got a sweet love package – Jared!

Nigerian beauty, Mary met her Canadian lover, Jared at her place of work. They went from being colleagues to friends, and now it is a vow exchange for the lovebirds.

They had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Mary made a beautiful bride in her gorgeous outfit and Jared came looking dashing.

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Enjoy their love story and wedding shoots.

How they met, as shared by Mary:

I had recently graduated from the university and was on the hunt for a job. I finally landed an “ok” entry-level position and I honestly wasn’t psyched about it but as a recent graduate, life gets real pretty quickly and bills have to be paid.

On my first day on the job, my manager at the time took me around the office to introduce me to the other employees on different teams. I still remember the first time I saw Jared; my manager at the time opened Jared’s office and introduced him. He had this fake smile on his face (he still does that) that gave me a chuckle because I knew he was faking the smile. I remember thinking, “He’s kinda cute, at least I’ll have eye candy at this job”. 😂

Anyway, we were introduced, exchanged pleasantries and I went to meet the rest of the team.

Jared was on a different team, so we didn’t work closely together. However, now and then, our paths would cross and the first thing I noticed about him (outside of his fine ass) was his sarcasm and dry sense of humour which is top-tier.

As time went on, we got to learn more about each other, bonded over ranting to one another about annoying clients, we would find an excuse to take our lunches together and spend more time together.

It started off as a genuine friendship but the rest as they say, is history. And no, we don’t work together anymore, as we’ve both moved on to different career opportunities but I am, and forever will be thankful to God that our paths crossed.

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