Thursday, May 30, 2024

    Maureen And Emeka Found Love In The Enchanting Setting Of An Art Gallery. Now, They Have Sealed Their Union In A Colourful Delta-Igbo Traditional Wedding

    How interesting it is for one to find love in the exquisite setting of an art gallery. Just when Maureen found herself being captivated by the exquisite artwork, Emeka showed up and what started as a simple ‘hello’ went further into a wine-tasting date.

    Now, Maureen and Emeka have tied the knot in a colourful Delta-Igbo traditional wedding.

    Enjoy their love story and beautiful wedding photos.

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    How they met, as shared by Maureen:

    In the enchanting setting of an art gallery, I found myself captivated by the exquisite artwork. Suddenly, he approached and with a simple “Hello, pretty,” our eyes locked, creating a magical connection.

    The magic continued as he invited me to a delightful wine-tasting event. Since that moment, our love story has unfolded with each shared experience becoming a treasure. Every moment together has been filled with joy and enchantment, creating a tapestry of beautiful memories.

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