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    May And David Exchange Marital Vows In A Beautiful Wedding! All Thanks To Their Mothers Who Served As The Perfect Matchmakers

    May and David have tied the knot in a beautiful wedding. All thanks to their mothers who served as the perfect matchmakers.

    May and David exchanged marital vows in an indoor church ceremony. May made a beautiful bride in her stunning-looking wedding gown. David made such a fine groom in his gorgeous outfit.

    They added more beauty to their reception as they represented their colourful Edo culture. May dressed in a red outfit with coral beads on neck, her hands, and a crown on her head. David was all dressed in a white traditional outfit. The duo looked perfect in their traditional outfit.

    They also wore corporate outfits to add to their reception dresses. May wore a beautiful long black dress and she looked gorgeous in it. David also a black outfit – a black shirt and a black pair of trousers.

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    How they met as shared by May:

    Our mums set us up! I met David for 5 minutes at his family event in Nigeria on February 9th 2019. It was love at first sight. He had only been to Nigeria once before, when he was a baby. Our mums who went to university together back in the 80s had planned to introduce us at the event and they did, but trust me, putting us in the same place at the same time was enough. He was handsome! (even more now, haha!).

    I didn’t see him until the morning after the event, this time for 10 minutes longer than it was the first time. We had a short conversation and it was GAME OVER. We exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out before he left Nigeria.

    On February 15th 2019, we went on our first date. That night David jokingly said he would marry me (Lol! me that I married you the day I met you). It was a prayer that went straight to God’s ears.

    He left Nigeria for the UK and we started dating but distance tried its luck and we broke up in April 2019. Going just one day without speaking confirmed what we already knew, we were made for each other. We got back together and it’s been God’s unending grace since.

    On February 20th 2021 (two years after I married him in my heart), he asked me to marry him, not as a joke, but with a ring! Whenever you pray, please say a prayer for our mums too. They were the Angels God used to bring us together. What a match!

    Enjoy their beautiful wedding photos below:

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