Inside Mercy And Divine’s Beautiful Love Story + Wedding Photos

Love can be found anywhere because love is present everywhere! Mercy and Divine met at a Jamb lesson center.

For Mercy, it was love at first sight. Divine was such a handsome young man who won the heart of Mercy. They became friends, their friendship continued to blossom and now, the lovebirds walk down the aisle to live the rest of their lives together.

Enjoy their sweet love story and wedding photos.

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How they met, as shared by Mercy:

Our love story started at a JAMB lesson in December 2013. I totally can’t forget the way l felt seeing Divine – It was truly love at first sight.

I had just finished French school and wanted to enrol for JAMB, but a friend of mine had introduced me to a JAMB lesson centre.

A mutual friend introduced me to Divine. He said he had a friend coming to see him ( trust me he hyped him a lot). l thought he was just a normal guy who I’d definitely ignore. That’s how I met this cute, handsome, fine, young man (I couldn’t stop staring).

We spoke a little and he walked me and my friends home. I asked myself later that day, ‘Why didn’t he ask for my number?’ The year passed and in January 2014, I met him again and this time l gave him my number ( I could not let him go this time around).

The following month, we started dating and we grew stronger as a couple, we fell totally in love with each other. Months and years passed and we finally got to the destination in April 2023. My friend had planned a surprise party for her husband. On getting there, he went down on one knee at 17:06 and asked the forever question, ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’

The question I had always wanted to hear for years was finally here. Forever grateful to spend eternity with you Shuga and I bless God for making us cross paths with each other.

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