All You Need To Know About Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding On October 12th

Princess Eugenie is set to get married to Jack Brooksbank on the 12 of October

As another royal wedding is approaching between Princess Eugenie(Cousin of prince Williams Prince Harry) and Jack Brooksbank, here is all you need to know about the wedding.
1. The wedding would be at the same venue Meghan and prince Harry got married: The wedding would be taking place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, while the evening party will be royal lodge.
2. TLC and ITV would be airing the wedding live: The BBC has rejected airing the wedding, while ITV has decided to take the honour. TLC would also be in partnership as they have also put plan in place, including a mobile app that would be to this effect.
3. Bridesmaids: Princess Eugenie has chosen Theodora Rose Williams and Maud Windsor to be her bridesmaid, while her maid of honour would be her sister; Princess Beatrice.
4. 1200 members of the public would be invited: Unlike the wedding that took place in May, this wedding would accommodate over 1200 guest of the members of the public and there could be privilege to see the important guests as they arrive.
Photo Credit: Getty