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    Chike And Tessy Fell In Love With Each Other And Decided To Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Together. Enjoy Their Love Story And White Wedding Photos

    Chike found the love of his life Tessy when she was celebrating her birthday. He got Tessy’s contact from a mutual friend and he decided to give it a try. Although for Tessy, love did not happen immediately, but soon, they became inseparable and decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

    Tessy and Chike had a beautiful white wedding. At their wedding reception, the lovebirds represented their Igbo culture perfectly.

    Tessy made a beautiful bride in her gorgeous outfit, while Chike made a handsome groom in his stunning outfit.

    Enjoy Chike and Tessy’s love story and wedding photos.

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    In their love story, Tessy shared how their love journey started, how they finally fell in love with each other, to how Chike came with his family to seek for her hand in marriage.

    Tessy also proved that patience is indeed a virtue. One doesn’t need to rush into someone they just met.

    Tessy and Chike’s love story

    As shared by Tessy:

    My husband and I met online through a friend on my birthday 2 years ago (June 8th 2022) and he got my Instagram handle and he texted me. He introduced himself and we exchanged contact. We started talking then he asked for my pictures which I sent and he did the same. I was in 300 level when we eventually met.

    Then one day, he requested a video call which I never granted. The reason was because he usually asks when I’m in school especially whenever I am in class. So I always told him that I would call him when I got home..  which I never did.

    Gradually, we stopped talking and he’d call me once in a blue moon to check on me and also tell me that he would be coming to the city where I stay soon, and hope I would take him to where he could eat abacha. 😂 All he wanted was African salad, and I told him that it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Anyway, fast forward to when he finally came to my City in Enugu state. I was doing my IT then and I was working at an aesthetics clinic. The day he came was my last day at work and I was ready to resume school soon. We met that night and it was love at first sight for him but wasn’t for me. He told me he knew my sister and at that point, I thought it was a red flag for me. I felt once you’re friends with any of my siblings, I don’t like having anything to do with you but in this case, it was different.

    He took me home and I sent pictures to my sister he said he knew. She was like “Oh my God!!” She said she knew him from school and mind you, they never attended the same school! .

    When he told me he wanted a relationship with me,  I was certain I didn’t want anything that wouldn’t end up in marriage. So I said to him “What exactly do you want with me because am not interested in anything that has to do with boyfriend and girlfriend? I didn’t want to let myself be so loose in defining relationships” Then he said “I want to marry you. 😂” I ran home again as usual and I called my sister and told her exactly what he said and my sister loved it because she said he’s a very nice person.

    He also called my sister and told her that he was interested in me and she encouraged him to go and meet my parents just to say hello.

    He listened and he came to my house the following day with his friends and his reason was so my father won’t chase him. 😂 He was scared but fortunately for him, my parents were the opposite of what he thought and according to my husband, that confirmed his belief that I was coming from a good home.

    He called his sister and told her ‘I’ve found a wife oh!’ You all need to hear how excited she was. Fast forward to 2023, we talked about me coming to Lagos to come visit him and spend time with him just to know if he’s the type of person I could handle and all. I told my family but my parents were not too comfortable with it but my sister’s convinced them I needed to go.

    I travelled to Lagos for a 4-day stay with him. During my stay, I met his sister and they were loving and welcoming.  On March 25th 2023, he came to see my family with his people for introduction and on April 18th, my bride price was paid. We started planning our wedding and I’ve never regretted my decision to marry him.

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