The #Lesjean Traditional Wedding Is All Love And Light

Winning the heart of the lady of your dreams is not an easy task but you have to keep trying, even if it means displaying some of your sweetest over the top gestures. The #lesjean love story is a beautiful one when two couple from two different continent meets, they create beautiful magic. Recalling how sweet Luc was on their first date, Jean shared that:”Mr. & Mrs. JEAN 💃🏾 I still remember our first date on October 12, 2014 at a Japanese restaurant when Luc tried to impress me by ordering the spiciest dish on the menu 😂 Long story short, He has continued to impress me Every Single Day! You’re truly the LOVE OF MY LIFE. And I’m so overjoyed to be your Wife, Friend, Partner, and Lover!  Photo Credit: August 55 Media