#ShesaidHacco21: Oluwaseyi And Oludare Traditional Marriage Was A True Celebration Of Love And Culture

Oremi is what I call you because you mean the world to me, I will ride with you and hold you down through it all. Love knows no boundary, tribe, religion, or culture, it pierces through it all and makes your marriage experience a beautiful one. Feel the burning flames of love as Oluwaseyi and Oludare tie the knot with traditional marriage rite.
 Oluwaseyi And Oludare Traditional Marriage

The event was beautiful and as colorful as the love and feelings these couples are bringing for all of us to digest are choking us. Many people know what they want and they go for it as this love story started from a DM. The couple since then has drastically fallen for each other and couldn’t wait to make it all official with their traditional marriage.
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Iyawo and some of her Omidan squad. They say ” True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style “, her friend represented their fashion game in all levels by taking the Asoebi game to another level and also turning up for their friend. The groomsmen did not disappoint also as they rocked their agbada and turned the traditional Marriage ceremony into a fashion show.
Family and loved ones will always be there and turn up for you when needed, the traditional rites for a typical Yoruba wedding were made, the bride price was paid, and a beautiful union was formed.

The couple has very good taste in style and decoration, as the interior designers did an excellent job in making the setting of the wedding a beautiful and colorful one.

Photo Credit: Praise_that_photographer And Main_clear_pictures