Yaay! Novisi And Antonio’s Wedding Is A Romantic Dream Come True!

The charming Ghanian wedding by Novisi and Antonio is the sweetest thing you would see today! Absolutely dreamy, stunning and extremely glamorous. Everything about their wedding was sweet, but their love story is sweeter.
Bride-to-be Novisi shares her romantic love story with Antonio when she started off by saying that: “On my first day of National Service, I saw this HOT guy sitting with his friends during lunch.
I almost choked on my food when I first saw him, only to see him stealing glances at me as well! It all got exciting immediately even though I had told myself the office will never be a place to find love”.
I tried my best not to sit anywhere close to him during lunch break because I couldn’t help but stare at him all the time. All the avoidance techniques were going so well until I got a Skype message from him, asking me to come to see him for 10minutes.
We ended up talking for over an hour but we both had to get back to work so he asked that we talk after work. We spoke for over 4 hours and ended up leaving the office car park at midnight!
He invited me to his sister’s birthday dinner party the next day but I panicked and gave an excuse. He then ignored me for a week and then later invited me for another family event.
I agreed to go this time, we shared a passionate kiss on our first date and then the story was magical thereafter.
Photo Credit: Iconic studios