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    10 Ways To Win Over Her Family Before Marriage

    Dating and marrying a nice girl is a wonderful thing, and as the relationship progresses, you’ll reach new exciting milestones. For instance, you know that one day you’ll propose to her.

    The Key to a healthy relationship is to also have a healthy relationship with her family. Before you even propose to your girlfriend make sure you win her family over.

    Below are 10 ways to win over her family before marriage.

    Spend Time With Them: Engage in conversations and show interest in the things they love. If you come across as the type of boyfriend who values elders and are family orientated you’ll earn extra points and they are bound to like you.

    Dress To Impress: Put in the extra time to get a haircut, shave, wear something clean and stylish. Just be yourself but remember to dress and look your best. You’ll show her family that you take care well of yourself.

    Give Compliments:  Offer compliments, say something nice either about their cooking, or her father wine collection. Admire things and let them to know.

    Be calm and stay humble: Be confident but not overconfident because it can make you seem like a awful person. Be confident in how you engage in conversation with the family.

    Buy a gift: Gift tend to show that your care deeply about them and you took time to get them something.  Ensure you go gift shopping with your girlfriend. Buy them something they would use or need.

    Offer help: Ask if you can help in any way, for example, setting the table or doing some heavy lifting for the family. After dinner, you can also offer to help clean up. They might say no but will see and appreciate you.

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    Ask questions: Ask question and show interest in knowing when asking them. You can ask them questions about your girlfriend growing up or any memories they have to share.

    Be there during tough times: When your partner family are going through a tough time, don’t hesitate to show your concern and eager to help them.

    Be yourself: Don’t fake a personality just to win the heart of her parents. Make sure you don’t try hard; you just have to be yourself.

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    Turn Off Your Phone: Resist the urge of checking your cell phone every time you get bored. Show some interest even if it is boring. Looking at your phone is considered rude to many people.

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