20 Mind Blowing Yoruba Cute Names To Call Your Lover

Love is a close bond with another that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust, or friendship. It’s a deep mutual expression of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, intimacy, chemistry, and partnership. The Yoruba tribe is one the most respected and main ethnic group in Nigeria. The Yoruba people are an ethnic group that inhabits Western Africa, mainly Nigeria and Benin.

Yoruba women take good care of their husbands and are highly respected.Yoruba men are the heads of households, in most cases, breadwinning is a shared responsibility with women as part of control of the family.

When there is disagreement or conflicts between couples and yoruba women needs something from their husband, they tend to settle amicably. While some Yoruba couple go extra mile by calling their partner sweet names.

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Here are some pet names Yorubas call their partners below and their meaning ;

1. Ọkàn mi

Meaning: My heart

2. Ìfẹ́ mi

Meaning: My love

3. Òrékelẹ́wà

Meaning: Young and beautiful

4. Àrídúnnú

Meaning: To see something and get instantly happy.

5. Adùn ayé mi

Meaning: Sweetness in my life

6. Ìtùnú mi

Meaning: My comforter

7. Ìyàwó mi

Meaning: My Wife

8. Ọkọ mi

Meaning: My husband

9. Áyọ̀ mi

Meaning: My joy

10. Ẹyin ojú mi

Meaning: Apple of my eyes

11. Olówó orí mi.

Meaning: Owner of my head.

12. Ẹni bí ọkàn mi

Meaning: The one after my heart

13. Adúmáadán

Meaning: To be black and shining

14. Ìràwọ̀ mi

Meaning: My star

15. Adùn

Meaning: Sweetness

16. Oyin ayé mi

Meaning: Honey of my life

17. Olólùfẹ́

Meaning: My lover

18. Òló mi

Meaning: My lover

19. Onítèmi

Meaning: My own

20. Morẹ́nikéjì mi

Meaning: I have seen my other half

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