5 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Dating You Should Never Believe

We have all heard a least a handful of dating legends and tales, but most of them are pure fiction. These are the dating myths to forget forever.

Before listing out the examples of dating myths you should erase from your mind, let’s be clear on what dating myths actually are. Myths about love and dating are not dreamy or romantic. They are actually misleading

MYTH 1: He/ She is Out Of Your League
There is no such thing as leagues or levels of attractiveness. Everyone is attracted to different things. while, some prefer long legs and humongous back side, but others prefer intellect or a sense of humor. Comparing people’s attractiveness, especially physically, to determine if they are dateable is a bad thing and the purpose of a relationship is somewhat defeated cause it might prey on people’s self-esteem.

MYTH 2: Girls Like Bad Boys 
There is this romanticism of the bad boy turning good for the girl in most fictional novels of movies. Hence, the idea that every girl likes a bad boy that can keep her on her toes while she’s being a princess and on the other hand make him fall completely in love that he begins to be a gentle man. Well, these things are called ‘fiction’ for a reason. In real life, nice guys don’t finish last. Women may like a little banter when flirting, but would always choose a respectful man who is open about his feelings than the bad boy.

MYTH 3: It’s Good To Play Hard To Get
Playing hard-to-get is a mind game. As common as that phrase is, it rarely works. Studies have even shown that a man may be more likely to try to pick up a woman that plays hard to get but will rarely choose her for the long haul. People who like the chase are usually not ready for a relationship. So, if you are serious about dating, playing hard-to-get is not the right move.

MYTH 4: Women Care More
This goes back to women always being the caregiver, the mother, the gentle one. The fact is, it isn’t true. Men and women care equally and messily. Some days a woman may care more, while other days the man might. And many studies have shown that men handle heartbreak worse than women. Some studies even say it takes men up to twice as long to get over a breakup as women.

MYTH 5: Marriage Is The Goal
Not everyone wants or needs to get married, and that is okay. Not everyone needs a monogamous relationship and that is okay. Marriage is not a measurement of your success.

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