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    5 Interesting Family Game Ideas To Enjoy

    Family games are an avenue for family members to bond. It’s also a fun time for the children and the parents.

    No matter the size of your family, you can still enjoy maximum fun with indoor games. You can also choose to invite your children’s friends over to partake in the game.

    Below are some indoor fun ideas for your family.

    1. Animal Charades

    This game comes with a whole lot of fun! Here’s what you need to put in place before you start the game;

    1. Firstly, before you start the game, print pages of animal pictures.
    2. Cut out each/individual animal, fold each in half and put them in a bowl

    Have a member of your family start the game by choosing any of the paper in the bowl, open the chosen paper and act out the animal on the paper silently. Then every other person in the game will to try to guess what animal is being portrayed.

    Once the animal is guessed, you choose another person who has not picked a piece of paper yet and then everyone gets to have fun acting out their chosen animal!

    2. Monopoly

    Monopoly is a board game which comes with an instruction manual and rules on how to play the game.

    Though this exciting board game can be time-consuming but trust this to be a real fun activity for your family!

    3. Hide and Seek

    Hide and seek can be loads of fun since you are playing this game within the confinement of your house. Your children will love this super fun experience!

    Just be sure to make things orderly and competitive.

    4. Scavenger Hunt

    A scavenger hunt is all about finding items from a list in certain rooms or areas.

    First, list out some things around the house that you want them to locate. The game also depends on how many items you want them to find and how many of them are a part of the game. But if the items will be in difficult hiding spots you can write clues next to each item on the list.

    Everyone will love the adventure and challenge that comes with the game.

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    5. Dance Party

    A dance party for the family sounds fun!

    Simply turn on the stereo, play some good music and have dance competitions between different family members or sibling groups.

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