5 Ways To Handle Toddlers Emotions And Tantrums

Everyone knows that children are very beautiful creatures but sometimes they can be a handful.

From the time of conception, children start revealing their true natures slowly and each emotions come with the new age they get to. But, for every action, there’s always an equal and opposite reaction

Here are a few ways to react to the actions, emotions, and tantrums your toddler throws at you

Understanding their emotions
Toddlers can have enough strength and zeal to show emotions but may struggle to express and regulate them effectively. Common emotions like frustration, anger, joy, excitement, fear e.t.c
Understanding that emotions are a normal part of development can help one to respond accordingly

Validate their emotions

The next step after understanding the emotions is not to undermine it but to validate it. This makes them feel seen and heard. It involves letting them know that their emotions are understood and accepted, even when their behavior is terrible. It gives them a sense of emotional safety.

Teach them to put a name to their emotions
When they feel a certain way, teach how to express themselves in ways they’re familiar with. It helps them communicate freely without restrictions.

Offer Rewards For Good Deeds
Instead of focusing on disciplining or scolding the child after every offence, you can offer rewards for good behavior. It helps to redirect your toddlers behavior towards certain things.

Learn to Console and Comfort
When a toddler is upset and throwing a tantrum, one of the best things to do is to console and offer a hug or warm cuddles. Words of reassurance can help them feel secure and supported.

Timeout Zone
You can create a small comfy area in the corner of a room and give it a name. Instead of punishing, just limit them to a certain area and let them reflect on their actions.

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