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    6 Things To Know Before Dating Last Borns

    The position they occupy in the lineup of siblings gives us some very particular traits.

    Here’s what you can expect if you’re seeing someone who’s the youngest sibling in their family.

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    Experience: Since they are the last borns in the family, they get the opportunity to observe their siblings and parents make mistakes, and learn from them. So when it’s their turn, they know what not to do and what to do because they have a lot of experience seeing their older ones in similar situations.

    Attention: They like attention, last borns are used to getting regular attention and can get really annoyed when they get none. So, as a partner, you need to be careful that they don’t feel neglected or else you’ll not hear the end of it. They’re so used to being the center of attention also known as “the spotlight huggers”,

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    Impervious to Insults: While it’s not a good idea to exchange words of insults with your partner, it would interest you to know that if there is ever a slip-up, these lastborns might not even feel it because they’re used to being teased and “yabbed” by their older siblings. And on another hand, they may be too sensitive to insults. You can’t really tell with them.

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    Possessiveness: It is known that when you love something, you hold it dear to your heart and these last borns literally take the word as it is. They can get extremely possessive about you. What belongs to them, belongs to them.

    Manipulators: They are masters of manipulation when it comes to getting things done, they know all the tricks and before you know it, you’ll be doing stuff they want without ever realizing it.  Maybe it’s the puppy dog eyes trick they mastered as children and funny how they’re hard to hold down and can rebel if you don’t fall for their tricks.

    Delicate: The last and the most important point. You dare not hurt them or you’ll have to deal with an entire army aka family. Even if your partner is an adult, he/she is still the apple of their eyes. As annoying and naughty as they can be they are still more delicate than flowers to their older siblings and family.

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