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    10 Ways To Help And Support A New Mom

    Being a mom is one the most rewarding and challenging thing. Being a new mom can be amazing as, you see someone become your life’s purpose, someone who challenges you to become a better person.

    It can however be daunting for many new moms having their life changed forever. It is important to show a new mom how much you care by showing love, help and support. 

    Below is 10 ways to help and support a new mom.

    Bring a present: While the baby is receiving all the love and gifts. Ensure you bring Mom a small gift to remind her that she matters too. Great gifts would include chocolate, magazines, and gift cards.

    Ask and provide help: Ask to help her in any way you can, whether that is washing the dishes or doing the laundry for her. She will appreciate extra pair of hands.

    Babysit: The loss of sleep is absolutely the hardest thing about being a mom. Ensure she gets extra sleep while you babysit or let her go out and have some alone time, while you babysit for her. This is a great way to help a new mom and her having control over her life.

    Text her: New moms often feel cut off or isolated. With a new born it is impossible to talk on the phone. Send her a text daily and ask her how she’s doing, send her links to interesting articles and funny memes to cheer her up.

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    Listen to her feelings: Don’t ignore her feelings and always have the time to listen to her and show her that you are there for her. Try hard to understand what she is going through without judging.

    Help with family pet: If the new mom has a family pet, ensure that you take care of the pet for her. Take the dog out for a walk or clean the cat’s litter box. She will appreciate this so much.

    Go shopping for her: With a new born it is very difficult to go groceries shopping and new moms often do not have time to eat well. Help her out and offer to go groceries shopping weekly for her and you could also top up during the week for her.

    Celebrate her success: Every milestone the new mom achieves should be celebrated highly. Treat her to dinner and tell her how proud you are of her. Whether that’s her latching the baby for the very first time or bathing the baby for the first time, it should be celebrated.

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    Support Her Decisions: Support her decisions in whatever way she wants to raise her child.

    Make Plans: New mom often forget about themselves and time to spend doing something fun. Ensure that you plan fun activities for them to look forward to. They will appreciate this so much.


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