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    Baby Room Decors; Essentials Needed

    Part of the preparation plans for your baby’s arrival is having your baby’s room set for them and for you as a mother to ensure easy nursing experience.

    Decorating your baby’s room can be overwhelming and you could get confused on where to put what as there are tons of things to get in readiness for this. Have this in mind that your baby’s room doesn’t have to be all that big.

    That is why we have put this list together for you, so you would know the essential things to buy and what you don’t really need.

    1. Baby’s Bed: Before buying your baby’s bed/crib, it is important that you consider the size of your baby’s room. You don’t want to get a crib that will leave you no space in the room after setting up. Also, ensure you get a sturdy bed that is made of quality materials.

    2. Bedding: As much as your baby’s crib is important, the bedding is also important. Bed sheets, bumper pads, pillows, baby blankets and pillars are bedding essentials.

    3. Dresser and Drawer: You need to get a dresser and drawers that features more than three compartments in each. This will help you organize your baby wears, toiletries and essentials neatly. You already know where this is and where that is, so dressing your baby up wouldn’t be a big task to do.

    4. Changing pad/changing table: For safety precautions, a changing table isn’t advisable. You should get a changing pad instead. This will help sooth the baby’s back whilst you change them up. If you are getting a changing pad, then you’d have to place it on your baby’s drawer where you can easily reach everything you need to change them up.

    5. Storage baskets: You need storage baskets at every corner of the room. This will help you hold extra baby essentials that couldn’t fit into anywhere else in the room. Items like blankets, baby toys and the likes.

    6. Rocking chair: Babies love comfort and they love being emotionally attached to people around them, especially through physical touch. The essence of the rocking chair is to have the mother breastfeed the baby conveniently or rock them to sleep. Babies love to be soothed to sleep.

    7. Mobile: This is absolutely optional. Not all babies love sounds but some love to be entertained while they play with/stare at their toys or while sleeping. Just know what works for you and your baby.

    At first, it might seem like a whole lot of things to get but starting out in bits will save you from being overwhelmed or stressed out, having it in ind that you are pregnant as well.

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