Dear Pregnant Lady, Your Pregnancy Period Is A Time To Eat Healthy!

During pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to go through different hormonal and body changes in relation to their body type and hormonal construct. These changes includes appetite change. Some women’s appetite becomes really large while some can barely hold water down. Irrespective, eating healthy is paramount to having a healthy pregnancy, delivery and a healthy baby.

As soon as you take in and confirm pregnancy with your doctor, a new phase of your life begins. Whtever you do, you now do for 2 of you, that’s you and your baby. And the least you can do is watch your diet and ensure they are the essentials needed.

Your doctor or nurse must have given you a list full of what to eat and what not to eat, food to limit and it seem like it is impossible. Here is a breakdown of food you should eat more, food to avoid completely and food to limit.

Food to eat more

Essentially, an expectant mother needs to consume food that contains more of Calcium, Folic-acid, Iron, lean protein vegetables and fruit, Vitamin D, dairy products and whole grain.

Calcium are important for your baby because it helps build your baby’s bones and teeth. Taking more of dairy products beefed up with Vitamin D will do more good for both of you. Food sources for this includes: Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Sardine or Salmon with bones and Calcium fortified juices.

As opposed to usual, an expectant mother is to consume 27 milligrams of Iron a day, which is twice the normal quantity to be consumed on a regular. This makes more blood that supply oxygen for the baby. Food source for this includes; meat, poultry, fish, dried beans and peas, iron fortified cereal, fruits reach in Vitamin C such as Berries, raspberry, strawberry and the likes of that. When you eat, you could go with a glass of orange juice too.

It might be difficult measuring the amount of Folic-acid intake per day but taking a reasonable amount of it will save your baby from growth defect that might affect their brain and some other parts of their body. Food rich in folates includes; whole grains, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruit, beans, bread and pastas, food enriched cereals.

Proteins are builder nutrients that help build important organs for the baby, the brain and the heart. Food source include; meat, tofu, nuts, eggs, cheese, fish, poultry, milk. Pregnant women actually need more of lean protein.

Food to limit

You are eating for two people but not eating twice than normal or overfeeding. As much as you want to consume all the nutrient needed for healthy pregnancy, there are some you should limit to avoid complications for yourself and baby. These includes;

Caffeine and fish rich in mercury. Only take fish that contains healthy fat such as Omega-3 fatty acid.

Food to avoid

For the period of your pregnancy, your baby’s well-being should be of utmost priority to you. And invariably, it means you staying healthy as well. Avoiding fish rich in mercury will do your baby more good because mercury is harmful to the developing of your baby’s brain. And so is alcohol. You don’t want your baby defected in some parts and also dysfunctional in behavior and growth, so completely avoid intake of alcohol. Also, taking unpasteurized food puts your baby at risk of infections. Raw milk, raw meat, raw fish like sushi, under-cooked meat, fish and poultry opens you up to some bacteria and this can be really harmful to your baby.

Note that whatever you eat during pregnancy is your baby’s major source of nourishment and so should contain variety of healthy foods and beverages. Make your pantry into a one-stop shop for healthy and nutritious food. Have a well-rounded eating plan, take a lot of water, always stay hydrated and also take prenatal vitamins.